[skip to content] about the trust for patients & carers for healthcare professionals for the media our research job opportunities home | for patients & carers | conditions and treatments | adult congenital heart disease for patients & carers search our site search this site conditions and treatments adult congenital heart disease congenital heart disease: transition patient leaflets web resources. Congenital heart disease unit the adult congenital heart disease unit at royal brompton& harefield nhs foundation trust is one of the largest specialised centres in the world. We treat congenital heart disease patients from before birth to adulthood. â  the adult congenital heart disease (achd) unit provides care for adolescent and adult patients with a variety of congenital (present at birth) and inherited heart conditions. viagra for sale cheap This also includes patients with marfan syndrome and some types of pulmonary hypertension. generic viagra cheapest price â  the unit offers all types of treatment including catheter labâ treatment, specialised drug therapies and heart operations (including transplantation). stay up viagra kanye west lyrics â  there is a decidated transition service looking after teenagers and young adults. real viagra online without prescription There is also a specialâ pregnancy and heart disease service to look after pregnancy women who have heart problems. viagra covered health insurance â  â  theâ achd unitâ provides a full range of inpatient and outpatient care. stay up viagra kanye west lyrics This includes: a dedicated inpatient ward (paul wood ward) outpatient clinics specialist imaging (including echo, ct and cardiac magnetic resonance) specialist clinics – eg. viagra cost Marfan, eisenmenger a specialist pregnancy and contraception service a catheter intervention programme access to a full range of medical and surgical care, including transplantation an electrophysiology (heart rhythm) service adult congenital heart operations in 2009/10 we performed 556 congenital heart operations (including 121 adult operations) and more than 400 catheter-based procedures. Outpatient clinics the outpatient clinic is where you will interact with the unit most frequently. viagra online 24 hours On the day of your visit, before seeing the doctor, you may require tests such as an ecg, chest x-ray or echo scan. â  at clinic you will be seen by one of the cardiology doctors. buy viagra overnight shipping This may be one of the consultants, a registrar or a clinical fellow. stay up viagra kanye west lyrics If you wish to be seen by a specific person please let the clinic nurse know andâ  we will do our best to arrange this. generic viagra without subscription Inpatient care if you are admitted to the ward you will be looked after by a specific consultant. At the moment we arrange consultant care on aâ  rotational basis, so you may see more than one of the consultants if you are in hospital for more than a few days. cheap generic viagra If you are not sure which consultant is looking after you, please just ask. Research and training the unit has an active program of research and training – both of which are vital to the future care of pat. viagra online without prescription


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